Banner Lauréats 2017&2018 Recipients

In collaboration with the Quebec government, we are pleased to announce the support of seven cultural cooperation projects between organisations and artists from the province of Quebec and the United Kingdom through the bilateral cultural exchange programme QC-UK Connections.

"Since 2002, we have worked closely with the Quebec government to deliver excellent projects and have celebrated some brilliant achievements, together, Through our joint commitment, we have enabled many artists to connect and work on co-produced initiatives. This year marks the 15th anniversary of our MoU and we are delighted at the opportunity to offer support to the 7 selected projects for 2017-2018. It is never an easy process to select from a range of outstanding, diverse and creative proposals, but we sincerely hope that through this joint support from the Quebec government and British Council, the receiving organisations will value this opportunity and continue to develop and nurture connections between our communities" - Mariya Afzal, Country Director, British Council Canada.

Here are the selected projects to take place in 2017 and 2018:

Vibrations: inclusion and the art of transatlantic connection

Collaboration between Together! 2012 CIC and Milieux: Institute for Arts Culture and Technology, Concordia University

This project aims to bring disabled artists and their communities from East London and Montreal together to co-produce a suite of new digital artworks that explore our sensorial relationship to the world through «vibrational» tactility, including the skin, and the body as resonant chamber.

Digital Landscapes

Collaboration between The Lowry and Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles

Digital art is an ever-expanding field and this project will enable artists to develop their knowledge and practice. Additionally, it will feed the Canadian digital art approach in Quebec that has evolved out of the film industry and into the creative art sector.

Ondes lumineuses

Collaboration between Street Level Photoworks and VU Photo

This project aims to support new creative exchanges and intercultural dialogues between artists and curators working with photography and lens based media which will address issues of local and national significance. Alongside creative dialogues the project will create measurable knowledge exchange and support the making and exhibiting of new bodies of photographic artwork in Scotland and Quebec.

A Place to Stand (working title)

Collaboration between National Theatre of Scotland and Théâtre PÀP

The Quebec and Scottish theatre organisations will be writing and developing a new project inspired by an exploration of a nation, and an individual’s search for independence and sovereignty conducted on either side of the Atlantic.

Carte Postale

Collaboration between DanceEast and Festival Quartiers Danses

Carte Postale will build networks between partner organizations, their surrounding communities and artists with the aim of engaging audiences in a new and innovative way. Carte Postale will create an exchange of digital dance ‘postcards’ – films of short duets performed by professional dancers and choreographed by members of the public from each geographical location, exchanged between Montreal, Quebec and the UK. 

Screen/dance/performance: An artistic and creative exchange between Quebec City and the rural Moray and Highlands of Scotland

Collaboration between Bodysurf Scotland and Le Fils d’Adrien danse


This multi-layered creative exchange is designed to create and strengthen cultural links between artists engaged in live dance performance and screen dance, living and working in the North of Scotland and Quebec City in Canada.

Composer’s Kitchen

Collaboration between Sound and Music and Quatuor Bozzini

Sound and Music and Quatuor Bozzini will jointly manage and deliver an expanded version of the quartet’s innovative Composer’s Kitchen as a collaboration and exchange between Quebec and the UK, with public performances in both countries.