Tuesday 01 December 2015 - 00:00 to Sunday 17 January 2016 - 00:00

The Language Assistants programme provides a unique opportunity for UK students looking to gain transferable skills and become immersed in another culture.

With paid placements, and teaching time limited to between 12 and 20 hours a week, being a Language Assistant gives you plenty of time to explore your new host country. There is no better way to explore and experience the culture of another country than by living in it for a year. And, getting paid puts you in a great position to be able to travel, learn and pursue new interests too. While language skills are beneficial, you do not have to be a fluent speaker to apply to become a Language Assistant. There is no better way to learn than by being surrounded by native speakers. As a Language Assistant, your skills will improve immeasurably as you interact with locals and navigate day-to-day life. 

For more information on how to apply to become a language assistant, click here!

Deadline: January 17, 2016