Text 'Relaxed Performance Exploring Access' written in black on yellow. Photo of a performer balancin on their hands, prosthetic legs in the air behing them.
Erin Ball at Cripping the Arts, 2019.  ©

Michelle Peek

Thursday 19 November 2020 to Wednesday 09 December 2020
Online Campaign

From the 19th of November – the 9th of December, The Relaxed Performance: Exploring Access campaign will investigate the principles and practices of Relaxed Performance (RP) in a digital context. Each week we'll introduce animating questions about RP, deepen the conversation with short video reflections on RP from arts practitioners, print materials and resources useful to arts organizations, scholars, and the public.  

The Relaxed Performance: Exploring Access is a four-week campaign promoting Relaxed Performance materials and resources created between 2015-2020 by the British Council, Tangled Art + Disability, Bodies in Translation: Activist Art, Technology and Access to Life, supported by Canada Council for the Arts and Social Science and Humanities Research Council

Our Relaxed Performance Videos are available in ASL, LSQ, Audio Description, English (CC) and French (OC) and training materials and reports are available in English and French. 

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You can explore the resources and materials on the British Council website as well as our Access Activator website.