Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (ADAD) in London partnered with Virtu'o Danse in Montreal on a choreographic exchange on the African roots of contemporary and afro-contemporary dance expression, as part and supported by the QC-UK Cultural Cooperation Fund.

About arts

Our work aims at exploring the potential of art as a transformative power in our societies, and as a vehicle for knowledge for current and future generations. Through the various projects and activities organized by the Arts team, our objective at the British Council is to open spaces conducive to dialogue between cultural agents who share common ideas on artistic and social challenges.

Bearing in mind that 2017 is a milestone in Canadian history, our broader goal is to redefine the historical and contemporary relationship between Canada and the UK.

Our global work in the arts

Arts is a cornerstone of the British Council’s mission to create a friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and the wider world. We strive to find new ways of connecting with and understanding each other through the arts, in order to develop stronger creative sectors around the world that are better connected with the UK. 

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