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What is New Conversations?

New Conversations is a funding programme initiated and delivered by British Council, Farnham Maltings and the High Commission of Canada in the UK.

What is the purpose of the New Conversations programme?

The ambition of the programme is to build new connections between performing arts organisations and artists in Canada and in the UK. We want to help facilitate conversations that exchange ideas and practice, and have the potential to lead to future collaborations, projects and productions.

What stage of partnership are you looking to support?

We are interested in supporting ‘new conversations’ between partners and we imagine that in most cases this will mean new partnerships. There is nothing to stop existing partnerships applying, but it is unlikely that we will use the investment to contribute to established long term partnerships, or a project that has already been developed and scheduled to be delivered. 

How much can we apply for?

You can apply for up to £5,000 ($8,700). New Conversations expects to be the main funder for the project.

What about match funding?

The budget for each project must include a 5% cash contribution and a 5% in-kind contribution, either from the partners or another source.

The in-kind contribution can include rehearsal space, equipment, accommodation, etc. but may not include labour costs or fees.

Is there flexibility on the flight costs?

Yes. We recognise that flights to some areas are higher and we encourage you to be realistic in your budgeting. However, the total amount of funding requested cannot exceed £5,000 ($8,700).

Can more than two organisations be involved in a proposal?

Yes, but the total amount of funding requested for the project cannot exceed £5,000 ($8,700). 

Can two individuals apply?

No. The lead applicant needs to be an organisation that will receive and manage the funding.

Can cross-arts and music organisations apply?

Yes, if the partner they are applying with is dance or theatre focused.

How many proposals are you looking to invest in for this round?

The funding available, for the round two, is £60,000. This suggests we will be able to only invest in approximately 12 proposals for this round of submissions. We would hope that the process of developing proposals will result in others moving forward without our investment.

How are the projects assessed?

The assessment process has two stages:

Stage 1 – The three partners assess all submitted projects against the criteria outlined in the guidelines. All eligible projects move forward to stage 2.

Stage 2 – We invite 2-3 art form specialists, based in the UK and Canada, to join the three partners on a panel. The panel then meet to discuss each of the projects, their ambitions and proposed activity. The panel will identify proposals that demonstrate the greatest potential for achieving the aims of the programme. We will try to ensure an even spread of funding across regions and art forms.

Do you accept resubmitted projects?


If I am receiving funding from the Québec-UK Connections (British Council) programme, am I still eligible?

If this partnership is already receiving funding from the Québec-UK Connections programme, you are ineligible. However, please note that all “new conversations” are eligible and individual partners can have received funding for a different project with a different partner.