Could you re-articulate the purpose of the New Conversations programme?

The three funding partners share an ambition to build grassroots connections between performing arts organisations and artists in Canada and the UK. We want to invest in the time, costs of travel and accommodation for conversations that exchange ideas, practice and might lead to the development of future collaborations. That's it.

Can more than two organisations be involved in a proposal?

Yes, but the total budget contribution from this fund needs to remain the same.

Can two individuals apply?

No. One of the participating partners needs to be an organisation who will be the lead applicant and hold the funds.

Is there flexibility on the flight costs?

Yes, we recognise that flights to some territories are higher. However the total contribution from the fund should not be exceeded.

Could you explain further the cash and in-kind contribution?

The partners are keen to see a demonstrable commitment from each proposal in the form of a cash contribution and in-kind investment. The in-kind contribution could take the form of rehearsal space, accommodation, etc (anything that might reasonably be expected to be paid for) The requirement is to see a minimum of 5% cash and 10% in kind however projects may demonstrate further partner funding. (Although this will not be a deciding criteria in successful applications)

Can existing partnerships apply?

Whilst there is nothing to stop existing partnerships applying, this fund is looking to open up New Conversations between the two countries so would expect some element of ‘new’. It is unlikely that we will use the investment to contribute to a project that has already been developed and scheduled to be delivered.

How many proposals are you looking to invest in?

The total funds available, over two rounds is £120,000, which suggests we will be able to only invest in around 12 proposals for each round of submissions. We would hope that the process of developing proposals will result in others moving forward without investment.

When will the second round of the programme happen?

In the spring of 2019.

Can cross-arts and music organisations apply?

Yes, if the partner is dance or theatre based.