Since 2016, the British Council in Canada is working in partnership with local partners, (e.g. United Nations Association in Canada) to grow global active citizens who work towards common goals, for a shared future.


Banner Active Citizens in Canada. At a glance

Active Citizens (AC) is a social leadership-training programme, that promotes intercultural dialogue, leadership and community led social-development through a social innovation lens. Through the AC toolkit which was developed by the British Council and implemented in 75 countries, the programme has successfully trained over 370 young leaders to use the AC framework to address the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their communities across Canada.

Objectives of Active Citizens

  • Showcase Canadian youth leadership in social entrepreneurship

  • Build a network of young leaders in Canada and across the globe with the skills to tackle local challenges through the framework provided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)   

  • Create a portal of best practices on social enterprise as a reference for aspiring entrepreneurs

  • Capacity building activities for young leaders so they can turn their socially innovative ideas into concrete social business and/or policy visions plans that address challenges in their communities  

  • Connect talented young Canadians with peer coachers/key stakeholders (e.g. policy leaders, CSOs, private and public sector leaders) from Canada and across the globe to assess the implementation capacity of their proposed social action projects

  • Report best practices, lessons learned, and stories about the participants to all funders and stakeholders of the programme

Who is eligible?

Young leaders (aged 18 – 35) living in Canada.

If you are committed to and passionate about  community-engagement, social development and social entrepreneurship.  If you have a passion for the Sustainable Development Goals(SGDs) and an idea for how you could address one of them in your community, then we want you!

What will the young participants do?

  • Attend a free, three-day workshop with a diverse group of change-makers in their community (This year’s workshop sessions will take place in Toronto and St John’s, Newfoundland)
  • Build their network and learn from peers, experienced facilitators and local experts and community leaders from Canada and the UK
  • Boost their leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development skills, expand their network, and learn how to take an entrepreneurial approach to solving their community’s most pressing challenges
  • Be part of the global programme Active Citizens, which has been implemented in 75 countries.

Whether you're a seasoned social entrepreneur or a newcomer to the field in search of new tools to address a social or environmental issue, we welcome your application !