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Active Citizens Social Enterprise (ACSE) is a social leadership training programme that provides the opportunity to young diverse Canadians, between the ages of 18-35, to learn about and experiment with social innovation through intercultural dialogue and community-led social development. ACSE aims to provide Canadian youth the skills to tackle local challenges that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target.

After a successful ACSE, First Edition (2016-2017), the programme will train an additional group of 150 young Canadian on the ACSE toolkit (3-Day Immersive Training). Training sessions will take place in six cities across Canada (Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. Armed with the ACSE framework, participants will return to their community after the training to implement their proposed SDG intervention, with the support of peer or business mentors.

In addition, the 10 top ideas, and social entrepreneurs will be invited to Ottawa to partake in the Second Annual Youth Innovation Summit which will convene high level representatives from the public and private sector, innovators and starups, social enterprises of all sizes, British Council and UN representatives. This Summit will also provide the opportunity for partnership development, to showcase social enterprise, ideas and innovation. Travel bursaries will be available for those selected to attend the Summit in Ottawa. To find out more about past participants click here. 

Objectives of ACSE

  • Showcase Canadian youth leadership in social entrepreneurship
  • Create a portal of best practices on social enterprise as a reference for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Connect talented young Canadians with peer coachers to assess the implementation capacity of their proposed business plans
  • Report best practices, lessons learned, and stories about the participants to all funders and stakeholders of the programme

Who is eligible?

Young leaders (aged 18 – 35) living in Canada.

If you are committed to and passionate about  community-engagement, social development and social entrepreneurship.  If you have a passion for the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) and an idea for how you could address one of them in your community, then we want you!

Whether you're a seasoned social entrepreneur or a newcomer to the field in search of new tools to address a social or environmental issue, we welcome your application!

Apply to be a participant: 

Applications are now open (deadlines vary depending on the city) and more information on the programme can be found below:


  Application deadlines (midnight) Selected participants contacted on Date of training Venue
Vancouver Wednesday, Oct 9   Friday, Oct 13   Frid-Sun, Oct 20-22


Calgary Monday, Oct 9  Friday, Oct 13   Frid-Sun, Oct 27-29  Innovative Calgary
Montreal Monday, Oct 9  Friday, Oct 13 Frid-Sun, Nov 3-5  Ideal Coworking
Toronto Monday, Oct 9 Friday, Oct 13 Frid-Sun, Nov 3-5  Ryerson University
Halifax Sunday, Oct 29 Wednesday, Nov 1 Frid-Sun, Nov 17-19  Saint Mary´s University
Ottawa Sunday, Oct 29 Wednesday, Nov 1 Frid-Sun, Dec 1-3  British High Commisison in Ottawa
ACSE Local Trainers

Local Trainers

Amanda Wong (Vancouver) is a returning trainer for the Active Citizen Social Enterprise program and has been a volunteer with UNA-Canada for over 10 years. Amanda is an HR specialist and currently works as the HR Manager for a BC Crown Corporation. She holds a BA in Political Science from Simon Fraser University and is currently completing a Master’s in HR Management at the University of Regina. Amanda is a certified yoga instructor and is an avid cyclist. She volunteers as a Domestique with WOW Cycling club, the only all women’s cycling club in Vancouver.

Farah Kammourieh (Calgary) is experienced working cross-culturally and across different sectors. She recently completed a year-long placement as an Entrepreneurship Advisor in Tamale, Ghana with Canadian project EQWIPHUBs. Farah worked directly alongside youth entrepreneurs who were on the look-out for opportunities in their communities and developing business plans. She also spent time working in business development and marketing for an Albertan construction company, where her interest in environmental sustainability was sparked. While completing her degree in International Relations and Economics at the University of Calgary, Farah worked at the Centre for International Students and also completed an internship in northern Ghana under what was then CIDA. As a first-generation Canadian Lebanese-Syrian, Farah is motivated to continue working internationally, in entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability.

Hayley Mundeva (Toronto) is a global health researcher, budding social entrepreneur and graduate of ACSE First Edition. Having lived in Nepal, Tanzania and Canada, Hayley has witnessed how differences in access to health care can directly impact people’s livelihoods. Hayley went on to major in global health during her Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Health degrees at UBC and SFU. She has since worked on projects investigating health outcomes in Tanzania, Malawi, and Ethiopia with the African Medical Research Foundation, the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research, and St. Michael’s Hospital. Through these experiences, Hayley has enjoyed learning more about the global health field and expanding her professional network. Since graduating, she has also realized how few resources are available to help emerging leaders transition into global health work. This experience sparked her desire to found a social enterprise called GH90. By providing professional matchmaking services, training, and mentorship opportunities, this employment agency connects individuals who are searching for global health work with the businesses scoping new talent

Mitch Harrison (Halifax) is a commerce graduate from Saint Mary’s University, who has had the opportunity to launch and manage social startups that address key needs and spur ideation. As Co-President of the Enactus SMU program, Mitch co-founded a community based social enterprise that seeks to turn the issue of food waste on farms into a solution for food insecurity in city neighborhoods.  As a problem solver, Mitch has developed a passion for thinking outside the box to discover new solutions.

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