Sanchit Gupta, director of MealCare

Managing Director of MealCare, advocate for sustainability, student-athlete for McGill University and Advisory Board Member for Youth Ottawa. Sanchit Gupta is a young Canadian and a recent graduate from McGill University with a B.Sc. in Anatomy and Social Entrepreneurship. Sanchit is an inspiring entrepreneur who has been recognized at the regional, provincial and national level for his innovation, inspirational leadership and visionary ideas.

An adequate supply of healthy food is a human right and not a privilege, and therefore should be available to everyone. This principle inspired Sanchit to create MealCare, a nation-wide social enterprise that diverts surplus edible food to underprivileged communities. As the Co-Founder and Managing Director, Sanchit manages a team of over 50 members across Canada and provides mentorship to chapters in his organization. MealCare delivers 400-700 meals per week and saves their partner homeless shelters over $60,000. 

In addition, Sanchit serves as a motivational speaker and works with the Foundation of Greater Montreal’s Zero Hunger committee to map the food security ecosystem in Montreal and ultimately create policies.

Policy vision: In line with UN's Sustainable Development Goal 2, 11, 12  and 13, a global change Sanchit would like to see happen is the eradication of food waste and food insecurity by bridging these two social issues together through public policy. #SDG2 #SDG11 #SDG12 #SDG13