Nicholas Schiavo is Policy Analyst with Fisheries and Oceans Canada on the G7 Task Force. In September 2018, he will be completing his Masters of Political Management at the Arthur Kroeger College at Carleton University. Previously, Nicholas worked in Nairobi, Kenya as an Ontario Global Edge Fellow and with the Green Party of Canada as part of the fundraising team during the 2015 federal election. Over the years, Nicholas has been fortunate to work with a number of international institutions as a delegate, including the Commonwealth, the World Bank Group and the United Nations. He is currently the Program Director for the Young Diplomats of Canada, an Associate with Start Proud Ottawa and a Board Member of the AIDS Committee of Ottawa. Follow his Future Leaders Connect journey on Twitter @NickSchiavo_.

Policy vision: In line with UN's Sustainable Development Goal 10, Nicholas’ vision for global change is to establish and enhance international political mechanisms to defend the human rights of LGBTQ2+ individuals so that no one faces persecution, violence or discrimination simply for who they love, or who they are. #SDG10