Shreya Nayak is a Canadian Management Consultant and Digital Literacy Advocate

Canadian Management Consultant, City of Toronto Protégé, and Digital Literacy Advocate! Shreya Nayak works with the world’s largest fortune 500 companies, while also increasing female participation in politics, and bringing digital skills to communities and small businesses across North America!

Shreya is a recent graduate with distinction from Trinity College, University of Toronto St. George Campus with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. She worked extensively in bringing participatory budgets to communities in Toronto, and actively advocates for increased female participation in the Technology industry.

Outside of her full-time management consulting role at Accenture, Shreya was recently named the 2018 City of Toronto Protégé, a position granted to 9 Canadian women who have displayed remarkable commitment to sustainable city development. As a Protégé Shreya works with Canadian politicians and Canadian high schools to encourage girls to pursue STEM careers. Shreya also promotes bilateral and cultural understanding between youth in Canada and Asia as the Youth Council President of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

Policy vision: In line with UN's Sustainable Development Goal 4 and 5, Shreya envisions a future where gender equality in the global workforce is a reality, and equal female representation in technology and digital workforce is no longer a dream. #SDG 4 #SDG5