Sound Journeys: Our Home on Native Land

  • Residency: June 23 – 29
  • Performance at Harbourfront Centre: June 30, July 1
  • Vancouver - Jasper - Toronto 

Percussionist and composer Sarathy Korwar travels from the UK to join neo-soul singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist David Morin and visual artist Sophia Burke aboard a train from Vancouver, through Jasper, to Toronto. The journey finds itself within the greater theme of the Harbourfront Centre’s Our Home on Native Land festival. This festival aims to question and explore notions of what it means to be Canadian by creating space for, and giving voice to, stories and peoples that have long and often been excluded from expressions of Canadianness.

Musicians Sarathy Korwar, David Morin, and visual artist Sophia Burke find themselves rolling through breathtaking landscapes dense with history, discovering new sounds and inspiration along the way. The festival Our Home on Native Land focuses on narratives of creative resistance, intersectional solidarity, social justice, and decolonization.

 Within this context, arranging for David Morin, of Metis Native American descent, to spend a train residency with Sarathy Korwar, born in the United States, raised in India and now based in England, will provide many layers of historical and cultural contexts to be explored. Vancouver-born and Toronto–based Sophia Burke ties the journey from birthplace to current home base, capturing the journey and all that unfolds aboard.

Performance Information:

  • Friday, June 30: Sarathy Korwar & David Morin
  • 6:30pm–8:00pm
  • Stage in the Round
  • 235 Queens Quay West, Harbourfront Centre in Toronto
  • Entry: FREE!

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