From the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia to the Atlantic Ocean of the East Coast, 6 artists – 3 from the UK and 3 from Canada – will embark on train residencies to explore the contemporary cultural landscape of Canada through the discovery of sounds revealed along the way. Each residency will also feature a visual artist who will capture the journeys through photo and video documentation.

Sound Journeys is collaboratively supported by Harbourfront Centre and British Underground.

About the Sounds of Home Festival:

The Sounds of Home festival during the month of July at the Harboufront Centre will question what Home means for Canadians and feature a diversity of voices and sounds to explore the different narrative threads interwoven in our country’s history through Indigenous, French, English and immigrant heritage. As Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary, the British Council About Now/À Propos cultural program remains mindful that Canada history originates far prior to this. In this spirit, British Council is providing a platform for British and Canadian artists to engage in its rich and complex relationship Located in Toronto, known as the most multicultural city in Canada, Harbourfront Centre will focus on local and emerging talents in order to nurture the growth of new cultural expression and the diversity of cultures in Canada. Within the Sounds of Home Festival are found the Our Home on Native Land, Shield to Shore, and Northern Passages festivals, to which each of the 3 Sound Journeys residencies corresponds.