Overlapping images of the faces of Sync Canada/UK participants

Sync Leadership

About the programme

Sync Canada/UK took place February 2021 through March 2021 with the aim of promoting digital connectivity between UK and Canadian Sync programme alumni through sharing, learning, and dialoguing on the things that mattered most in their respective lives and leadership. 33 Sync Canada and Sync UK alumni exchanged leadership thinking and ideas about Deaf and disabled leadership weekly across social media (Facebook, Instagram, email) culminating in a series of collaborative webinars.

Programme goals:

  • to create ‘Sync Shots’ which pulled together activities and themes from weekly conversations between Sync Canada and Sync UK alumni between February and March.
  • to deliver and facilitate a series of collaborative webinars and meet-ups between Sync Canada and Sync UK alumni addressing topics that emerged out of the 8 weeks of online provocations (Sync Shots).
  • to create and share a Zine featuring questions and content emerging from the Sync Canada/UK collaboration to stimulate debate in future iterations of Sync


In total 8 Sync Shots (weekly mailshots) and 8 webinar/meet-up sessions between the UK and Canada alumni were produced. Each session facilitated valuable conversation, connections and resources exploring topics such as vulnerability, adaptation, environment, representation and how these relate to participants in the UK and Canada. 5 sessions took place with the broader group, while 3 of these meet ups were 1:1s with participants from UK and Canada who had particular queries of interest.

To learn more about programme outcomes read the SYNC Canada/UK Zine here or download a PDF version (found at the bottom of this page).

Sync Canada/UK Participants

Canada Charles Matthews
  Charlotte Jacob-Maguire
  Connor Yuzwenko-Martin
  Gaitrie Persaud
  Maxime D.-Pomerleau
  Bhekimpilo Paul Tshuma
  Renee Yoxon
  Kelsie Acton
  Sean Lee
  Ingrid Palmer
  Chris Dodd
  Kristina McMullin
  Kate Welsh
  Jenelle Rouse
  Alex Bulmer
United Kingdom Bobby Baker
  Jenny Sealey
  Deepa Shastri
  Caroline Ward
  Esther Appleyard-Fox
  Çaglar Kimyonchu
  Dolly Sen
  Caroline Cardus
  Jon Pratty
  Paula Garfield
  Rachel Bagshaw
  Jo Paul
  Rita Marcalo
  Steph Fuller
  Faye Stewart

 Sync Canada/UK Zine Download (PDF):

  • SYNC Canada/UK Zine (Adobe PDF 2MB)