international exams

Thank you for your interest in the British Council. We deliver various exams on behalf of the UK and other International awarding bodies in our Toronto office.

If you are interested in writing an exam with us, you must read the following information carefully:

  • Fee for the exam invigilation is $420.00 (Tax included) for each paper up to 3 hours. Extra charges may apply if the duration is longer than 3 hours or if the courier service is required to dispatch exams materials (if not covered by the awarding bodies)
  • If the fees are paid by the universities/other awarding bodies, please share the respective correspondence by email and the contact details including official email addresses.
  • The British Council Canada only offers this invigilation service in our Toronto location.
  • We can conduct any exams only during the weekdays. This service is not available on weekends and on any other statutory public holidays
  • Payment must be confirmed 20 working days prior to the test date.

To proceed with Exam Booking, please follow the steps below.

  1. Fill out the table below with all the details.
  2. Send the completed template to

Please confirm the following details:

Your Name (First Name, Last Name)  
Date of the Test  
Duration of the Test (If there is more than one test, please mention the date of each test and the duration separately)  
Paper Based / Computer Based  
If Paper Based – who will cover courier cost  
If computer-based – share the technical specifications of laptops or PCs required  
Other requirements (if there are any)  
Contact person of the awarding body  
Who will make the payment (Self/Awarding body) If the payment to be made by the awarding body, please share the contact details and any relevant correspondence  
  1. Steps to complete your booking
  • Make a bank draft/ money order to ‘British Council’.
  • Send the above to  
    British Council 2 Queen St. East, Suite 1401 P.O. Box 30 Toronto, Ontario M5C 3G7, Canada 
  1. After we receive the payment, we will contact your University to arrange the examination.

 Please note, we do not accept cash, credit cards and/or personal cheques.


  1. Refunds will only be issued in case of serious illness or emergencies. All requests for refund must be accompanied by evidence.

  2. Refund must be requested 7 working days prior to the test date, else no refund may be issued.