The British Council Canada is pleased to announce the 2015 recipients of the Québec-UK Cultural Cooperation Fund, awarded by the Quebec Government and the British Council. Implemented to promote the creation and dissemination of cultural works and products, the following international exchange programs involving artists, directors and authors encourage a cultural dialogue leading to a better mutual understanding between the two societies.

Here are the successful applicants for this year’s program:

  • A choreographic exchange on the African roots of contemporary and afro-contemporary dance expression between ADAD - Association of Dance of the African diaspora in London and Virtu’o Danse in Montreal;
  • A writer’s residencies for co-productions between Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland and Théâtre de la Manufacture in Montreal;
  • Collaboration residency between the National Theatre of Scotland in Glasgow and Théâtre Petit-à-Petit in Montreal for the creation and production of a new theatre production;
  • A collaborative curatorial project between Convergence in London and MUTEK in Montreal, selecting four British and Quebecois artists to promote innovative artworks in the field of digital art and electronic music in their festivals;
  • A partnership between the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the House of Poetry in Montreal, with the aim of raising awareness of poetry in minority languages, specifically Inuktitut and Gaelic.
  • A collaborative curating of a video program by LUX in London and Dazibao in Montreal, for the exhibition of recent works by British and Quebec artists.