Ameen Binwalee

Ameen Binwalee is a 28 yr old social entrepreneur. He grew up in Toronto and after going through some struggles as a teenager, he left high school early and began a career in the trades.  Since then Ameen has started up a non- profit  called Out of the Box Social Enterprise (OTB) that provides training and employment opportunities for youth from historically disadvantaged backgrounds. OTB teaches them construction skills and personal development. His passion is for construction, community development and social entrepreneurship. He hopes to make OTB a social enterprise with the capacity for large impact and building a Centre for Innovation and Training

Out of the Box

The Out of the Box mission is to support the growth and development of historically disadvantaged youth through access to local economic opportunities and coordinated social services. Their goal is to foster an atmosphere of optimism, positivity, and high vibrational thinking that will lead to economic achievement and happiness, which fits with attaining SDG #9. They have partnered with the Toronto Community Housing Corporation and Springboard Employment Agency to run an employment and training program. OTB has also been given a TCHC workshop space to build a training space for the youth in the community. OTB will utilize this training centre and benefits from this partnership to build a Centre for Innovation and Training that is accessible to the community.