Corey Mattie

From hiring friends to sell vegetables and lemonade, to starting a small events company, Corey Mattie has always been involved with business. Starting at a young age with volunteering and community engagement, Corey Mattie is a strong advocate for the importance of environmental preservation, social responsibility, and ethical business practices. Corey volunteers as a counsellor for emerging small businesses, helping them balance their triple bottom line (People, Planet, and Profit). In his spare time, he meets and volunteers with many local charities and associations. Corey is a logical business student with ten educational years of experience in helping improve small businesses and not-for profit organizations, and is committed to environmental preservation, social responsibility, and ethical business practices.

Project Rain Cloud

Northern Canada’s indigenous community members have been limited to the amounts of clean and accessible drinking water – due to infrastructure being very expensive, and sometimes impossible to implement in these communities because of issues with distance, water types, and population.

Clean water is a right to everyone on this planet and Project Raincloud looks to meet this gap by providing safe and accessible drinking water to remote communities across Canada.While partnering with strong community businesses and advocates, we are able to build and install high-yield remote water treatment infrastructure, while maintaining a growing fund that will not only pay for the complete cost and maintenance of the units but turn a profit.The project’s long-term goal is to equip these units off the power-grid and possibly feeding into an external grid for the community members. This would provide additional green energy for the community.