Meeting of artists from the Forest Fringe Microfestival at Progress Festival

The Forest Fringe Microfestival, curated and produced by SummerWorks, took place from January 29 – 31 at Toronto’s Theatre Centre as part of Progress International Festival of Performance and Ideas.

A creative residency led by theatre-maker Andy Field culminated into a two-day Microfestival, where four acclaimed Forest Fringe performances were presented alongside four works in development by Canadian artists, each of whom was commissioned by a Canadian institution to develop new work of their own. Additional events took place at the Theatre Centre, such as a panel discussion, a Live Art Party and an Inspiration Exchange between the Canadian and British performers. 

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Forest Fringe performances presented by: 

Blind Cinema, Britt Hatzius

O, Project O

This is How We Die, Christopher Brett Bailey

As the Flames Rose We Danced to the Sirens, The Sirens, Sleepwalk Collective

Canadian performance artists:

• Julie Le Gal, commissioned through The Collaborations at Canada’s National Arts Centre English Theatre

• Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, commissioned by the National Theatre School

• Kiera Sangster, commissioned by The Shaw Festival

• Brian Solomon, commissioned by Native Earth Performing Arts

Additional events: 

• Live Art Party, January 29

For one night, local and international artists will come together to take over Toronto’s Theatre Centre and fill the building with the unexpected and unconventional. Come kick off the Forest Fringe Microfestival with a party where art emerges where it is least expected.

• 20 Instructions for a Successful Conversation, January 29

A playful conversation facilitated by Forest Fringe Co-Director Andy Field

• Inspiration Exchange, January 30 & 31

An intimate knowledge and inspiration swapping space developed by Alex Kelly of Third Angel and Forest Fringe in 2011. Join artists from the creative residency as they share and discuss stories of things that have inspired them in their practice.

Two women at the Forest Fringe Microfestival at the Progress Festival, 2015
Kiera Sangster´s Art Residency Exhibition - The Forest Fringe Microfestival