Hafsa Isse

Currently Hafsa is a full time student at Humber College striving to achieve a Bachelor of Commerce for Human Resource Management. In the past Hafsa has had the pleasure of being a part of the Liberal Party of Canada team. From the successful campaigns ran by the Liberal Party of Canada Hafsa has learned to become an engaged young community leader. Being a part of that process showed her how people connect and work towards a collective goal as a community. Hafsa felt empowered, and she also had the privilege of learning more about the community she lives in and the people that live in it. Working with these teams has allowed her to reflect on becoming a potential future leader, and she wants to give herself the opportunity to build her capacity in community leadership.


Fursada is a consultation and recruiting firm that solely targets minority groups in marginalized communities for Toronto-based corporations. Fursada assists in consulting corporations on recruitment policies that are not inclusive to minority youth. They also facilitates in recruiting top talent to effectively fill these gaps in the workplace. The social enterprise is actively working towards SDG Goal #1 – No Poverty, SDG Goal #10 – Reducing Inequalities, and SDG Goal #8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth.