Hayley Mundeva

Hayley Mundeva is a global health researcher and budding social entrepreneur. With family roots in Canada, Australia and Tanzania, Hayley has always been fascinated with global affairs. She went on to major in global health during her Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree at UBC where she graduated head of the class. Hayley subsequently earned a Master of Public Health degree at SFU, where she had the privilege to work in Tanzania for the African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) and the Canadian Coalition of Global Health Research (CCGHR). During these pursuits, Hayley became fascinated with stakeholder engagement, and more specifically, how international stakeholders can form ethical, bi-directional partnerships with marginalized populations such as women and children in low-income settings. This curiosity, combined with her love for youth empowerment, sparked her desire to found ThriveHire, a social enterprise committed to preparing the next generation of global health practitioners with the tools and skills they need to tackle practical challenges they encounter in their work.


Improving health and wellbeing (SDG #3) in low and middle-income countries is a complex task, which requires health professionals to gain leadership skills outside the traditional classroom. ThriveHire is a social enterprise committed to preparing the next generation of global health leaders. By walking customers through interactive training services such as structured competitions, participants gain opportunities to form partnerships with external stakeholders and develop solutions and prototypes to complex challenges currently impacting health outcomes around the world. ThriveHire is expanding these services by partnering with universities to develop cohesive online courses, which go beyond theory to examining practical challenges that impact global health work today. Through each of its services, ThriveHire is providing a catalyst to long-term social change – its platform provides emerging leaders with opportunities to gain insights and develop employable skills so they can partake in global health work that is meaningful, successful and sustainable.