Monique Sekhon

Monique Sekhon is pursuing her undergraduate studies in Population & Quantitative Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University. As a Health Sciences student, Monique has gained knowledge about the various social determinants and intersecting factors that form health, and has developed skills to address public health, epidemiology, and health promotion needs in various populations.   Although all aspects of health and wellness are of high importance and interest, Monique has always been passionate about mental health and resilience. With the development of technology and the current initiatives focused on breaking down stigma for mental health concerns, Monique is motivated to build resilience and mindfulness into every aspect of the life-course. This includes healthy built environments, mindfulness in school and the workplace, and options for healthy choices in everyday life (such as nutrition, fitness, sexual health, and relaxation).   Monique's current activities include acting as an SFU Health Peer Educator, executive member of UNICEF SFU, event chair of Phi Delta Epsilon Pre-medical Fraternity - Canada Beta Chapter, Research Assistant with the BC Cancer Agency's Healthy Aging Study, Lifeguard/Swim Instructor, Community Director and Co-Founder with SFU Blood4Life, Canadian Race Relations Youth Ambassador, and Project Leader for Care-2-Share for Mental Health Awareness.  Aspiring towards a career in healthcare, Monique hopes to bring to her work recognition of intersecting factors and a goal for equity among all Canadians.


In order to motivate our communities to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage individuals to share their experiences, we must offer them resources that encourage a holistic view of health rather than a biomedical one. Care-2-Share is in its planning stages, and will be a holistic wellness app that provides resources, tips for self care, and services nearby to grant users autonomy and the ability to personalize their healthcare needs.

This project correlates with the Sustainable Development Goal # 3 put forth by the United Nations: “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”.  Care-2-Share believes that one’s psychological state heavily affects physiological outcomes, and with suicide being one of the leading causes of death for youth globally, it is essential that we provide our society with tools to build resilience and foster acceptance and kinship among citizens.