Sophia Burke, 2017

In the fall of 2017, British Council Canada launched Walking Cities, a national intercultural program that paired writers from Canada and the United Kingdom. This literary exchange culminated into a series of thought-provoking short films – now available.

Writers met in four cities across the country to connect on a series of dialogues, in which they reflected on the relationship our thoughts have to the places that we live in and imagine. The formats of the discussions ranged from a tour of local book stores in Vancouver, a presentation on a stage in Winnipeg, and a walk through a busy street in Toronto’s West End.

I loved being able to learn from and also relate to the experiences of international poets,” said Vancouver-based poet Dina Del Bucchia. “I think any time writers from different places and backgrounds are given the opportunity to talk openly about their work…it makes for an enriching and exciting time.

Authors discussed topics spanning Manitoba’s ties to Scotland, Vancouver’s historical literary community, Toronto’s colonial architecture, and Montréal’s cultural and historical diversity.

This program was created in collaboration with Vancouver Writers Fest, the Winnipeg International Writers Festival, the International Festival of Authors in Toronto, Mile End Poets’ Festival, La Poésie Partout and Spectrum Productions.

A digital initiative filmed in Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal