Optical Illusion or Fresh Prince
“Optical Illusion or Fresh Prince? Choose.” Submitted to touretteshero in response to a verbal tic that Jess Thom posted on the site.

In February 2015, Jess Thom, artist and co-founder of Touretteshero, a site celebrating the humour and creativity of Tourette’s syndrome, and Eliza Chandler, Artistic Director of Tangled Art + Disability, were invited to speak as part of a podcast on accessibility in theatre and the arts.

This podcast was produced following The Republic of Inclusion, organized by co-curators Alex Bulmer, Invisible Flash and Sarah Garton Stanley, from the National Art Center, which was part of Progress: An International Festival of Performance and Ideas held in Toronto in 2015.

Mary Newman from The Walrus asked Jess Thom and Eliza Chandler to discuss and share their thoughts on inclusion and accessibility in the arts.