Mathias and Frederick hang out after school. But, does Mathias have the courage to tell his friend how he really feels? An Afternoon (En Eftermiddag), Director Søren Green, Denmark 2015, 9 mins ©

Søren Green

fiveFilms4freedom is the first time the British Council or the British Film Institute has initiated a global, digital human rights film event. In fact, fiveFilms4freedom is the world’s first global digital LGBT film festival. This project was initiated by our colleagues at the British Council in Israel and in London.

From 19–29 March 2015, audiences in London enjoyed BFI Flare, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Film Festival. At the same time people all over the world were invited to watch five films online through the BFI Player for free.

The British Council created a social media campaign to promote freedom, equality and LGBT rights that reached people in 135 countries, 43 of which continue to criminalise homosexuality and 6 of which maintain the death penalty.  

Stay tuned for the fiveFilms4Freedom 2016 programme!

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