Ju Row Farr, artist at Blast Theory based in Brighton, is travelling to Montreal to participate at MUTEK_IMG, a forum on current practices in digital creation. Here, Ju responded to a few questions regarding her participation at the event and her thought on the impact of integrating digital technology in our environment:

What are you looking forward to your participation at MUTEK_IMG?‬

Meeting everyone and hearing about new work in different cultural fields.

What excites you at the moment?

Live transmitting films in a continual take - My One Demand, the explosion in colour books as platforms to doodle and relax and what this might mean and making a new app in Blast Theory.

What are some of the advantages of integrating digital technology in an environment and how can it improve everyday reality?

Digital technology is integrated into our environment and it’s creating opportunities for more complex and powerful cultural experiences and dialogues between people.  It is changing the way we behave.

In your opinion, what does the future hold for us?

Developments in the publics' immersive experiences.

Ju Row Farr presented as part of MUTEK_IMG, Composite – A forum for digital creativity on October 2 and The Creative Approach of Blast Theory on October 3.

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