Working with UK arts organisations

In the UK, the British Council partners with UK organisations to develop showcases of British work.

The British Council is not a funding body but rather an international cultural relations organisation that works to build lasting relationships between Britain and the global community. An important way that we forge connections between Canada and UK arts organizations is by providing opportunities to see work and meet UK artists.

Information for Funding Projects and Research: If you’re looking for general information on the UK market, explore our links below for some of the organizations serving communities and arts organizations in the UK.

National UK Arts Organisations

The Arts Council of England: The national funding body for the arts in England. It is responsible for developing, sustaining and promoting the arts through the distribution of public money from central government and revenue generated by the National Lottery.

Creative Scotland: Supports and invests in Scotland’s arts and creative industries.

The Arts Council of Wales: Supports individual Welsh artists working in all disciplines and assists them in producing innovative work, and encourages the presentation of work by Welsh artists through tours in Wales and abroad.

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland: Works to develop and improve the knowledge, appreciation, and practice of the arts in Northern Ireland by increasing public access to and participation in the arts.

Wales Arts International: A collaboration between the British Council and the Arts Council of Wales that offers an international audience the opportunity to gain a clear perspective on the arts from Wales while facilitating communication between presenters, organizations, festival directors, companies, and artists.

Additional Arts Resources

Visiting Arts: Promotes and facilitates the inward flow of international arts into England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and provides resources on funding opportunities as well as information on presenting international work in the UK.

The Centre for Creative Communities: CCC works in arts and education, cultural exchanges, and urban regeneration by promoting the building of creative and sustainable communities through projects where creativity and learning have pivotal roles.

British Arts Festivals Association: A calendar, directory, and map for more than 100 arts festivals across the UK.

Lab for Culture: Provides a platform for cultural cooperation between Europe and the rest of the world, including an online set of resources outlining European cultural funding opportunities.

Artists from Abroad: An up-to-date and comprehensive website/guide published by Arts Presenters and the American Symphony Orchestra League on immigration and tax requirements for foreign artists.