Rachel looks at the camera with sunset in the background

About Rachel

The journey to Evoke Creatives began in my university years studying biology and environmental management. After graduating, I worked with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for 6 years in Canada and the South Pacific. As exciting as this work was, I felt something was missing from the 21st century environmental movement. I noticed traditional methods of communication using data and scare tactics were not actually changing behaviour, and often failed to connect with people that have different lived realities. Throughout my work and studies, I always had a hip-hop dance crew to turn to. This fascination with hip-hop culture led me to the realization that hip-hop and rap music have been successful agents of change for social justice and political reform. Could this art form be used to achieve environmental justice and sustainability for future generations? The now existence of Evoke Creatives is me saying “I don’t know, but let’s try”.

About Evoke Creatives

Evoke Creatives is a social enterprise based in Tkaronto (Toronto) that provides environmental solutions for the live music sector.

Evoke works with production companies, brand sponsors, vendors and environmental organizations to create enjoyable live music experiences using the Triple Bottom Line - People, Planet and Profit. We offer a range of environmental solutions, such as plastic-free campaigns, sustainable transport options, clean energy provision, and waste diversion.

Evoke uses its profits and resources to support hip-hop music artists integrate environmental content into their lyrics, music videos and Public Relations. Together, we will bring more diversity to the frontlines of the environmental movement.