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About Sara

Graduated from York University with a BA Hons in Political Science and have been working in the Government of Ontario for over 3 years in the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services, with experience working and volunteering in all three levels of the Canadian government.

While in school I had no guidance and expectation of the job market and that left me with figuring it all out by myself which led me to put myself out there. My interest is to work with youth and use my skills and experience to help guide youth through the job market and with building their career. This interest started in university as I have been involved with many youth based organizations. I was a Student Ambassador of York University, President of UNICEF York, Managing Director of Student Life, Cabinet Clerk of Toronto Youth Cabinet, and currently Recruitment Coordinator for Young Diplomats of Canada. Throughout my experiences I got to travel and network which has been helping me build my career and now I want to share it with others.

I was on York Political Science Panel recently. As well, I created a workshop on Hidden Secrets to Social Networking- LinkedIn edition, and shared my experience with Youth in Toronto City Hall, It was a successful workshop. Ever since I offered my resume and cover letter services to friends and now hoping to help many youth using this social enterprise.

About YouthMarket

We envision every Canadian Youth having access to the tools they need to thrive in the job market

We want to help youth gain the knowledge and skills to compete in the job market Many youth graduate and leave with just an education - lacking the skills to succeed in the job market. 

Skills Development will Improve Youth Employment. We want to provide youth ages 15-29 with a way to learn online and build their career. We provide the following:

1. Soft skills such as Emotional Intelligence, Self-confidence, time management, and more.
2. Networking Skills - effective networking and career focused events
3. Technical Skills - Resume, Cover letter, interviewing
4. Social Media Skills
5. Presentation Skills - Learn new ways of presenting and present with confidence