­­­Alfred Burgesson is a student/entrepreneur, majoring in Political Science and Economics at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. He is Founder and Project Director of HFX Collective and an active member of Enactus SMU.  Enactus is the largest student leadership organization in the world and strives to solve environmental, social, and economic issues through entrepreneurial action.  Alfred is part of a team that created and managed the Instagram platform, @cityofhalifax, building it to more than 12 thousand followers.  Alfred is focused on social and economic initiatives that deliver impact and purpose to individuals and communities through direct engagement and communications.  He serves on the board of the Community Sector Council in Nova Scotia and assists the Halifax Grammar Jr. High boys and the Basketball Nova Scotia U16 boys’ team. 

Alfred’s social enterprise, ConnectED HFX, provides the spaces and programs necessary to create pathways for immigrants and those who are a part of a visible minority to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in media, technology, and entrepreneurship. ConnectED HFX opts to increase minority representation in the information and communication technology sector.