Chantele Joordens is a PhD student in the Social Dimensions of Health Program at the University of Victoria.  Her dissertation research focuses on women who have experienced intimate partner violence and have a brain injury as a result.  She is a 2017 Venture for Canada fellow, currently working with the organization as the Atlantic Recruitment Officer. Chantele works as the Principal Investigator on a MITACS-funded partnership project with The Cridge Centre for the Family, a transition and second-stage supportive housing facility for women fleeing from violent partners. Chantele has volunteered with MOVE Adapted Fitness and Rehabilitation Facility, working as a fundraising coordinator and successfully securing a $20,000 Rick Hansen Foundation Grant to improve the washroom accessibility for their clients.

Chantele’s social enterprise, ReSet, is a safe and secure app for women fleeing from violent partners who need to reset their lives and start from scratch. It provides users with access to key resources in their community, including housing, employment, banks, legal services, childcare, and transportation at the touch of their fingertips, minimizing the need to commute in order to find these services themselves. This platform targets women who either don’t want to go to a transition house, or who are considering leaving their partner but are worried about the overwhelming logistics of starting anew.