Farrah Seucharan is a graduate student with a passion for community development and assisting underserved populations in achieving their goals and dreams. As a person with a disability, Farrah’s own experiences in the workforce inspired her to create a social enterprise which would help people with disabilities secure long-term employment, while helping them to access social and medical services with less wait times, ensuring employers that they can have the supports they need to succeed. Farrah’s master’s thesis will focus on how advancements in technology can help people with disabilities worldwide, and she intends to use this research to further advance her social enterprise. Farrah also regularly fundraises for community organizations, and volunteers at a local “Newcomer Kitchen” which uses the power of cooking to teach refugees, immigrants, and other newcomers the English skills they need to succeed in Canada.

Farrah’s social enterprise, Inclusive Space Services Canada (ISSC), is an app and website that connects people with disabilities to long-term employment, while also providing them with links to medical and social supports so that employers can be confident in hiring people that have the provisions they need to succeed. ISSC is proactive in securing jobs for those who have been overlooked due to physical, mental, or other health issues, and will provide them with the assistance they need to find success in the workforce, while simultaneously diversifying the fields in which they are hired.