While working on her Bachelors of Engineering, majoring in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering, Janelle Hinds realized her passion for STEM education, entrepreneurship, and diversity issues. She founded PhaseOne, a collaborative community to learn about technology and organized deltaHacks, the first student-run hackathon in North America with a focus on enabling positive social change. She has worked on integrating efforts to increase diversity in many of her endeavours. Janelle is an advocate for social innovation and encouraging others to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours. Janelle has worked as a research analyst creating novel ways to improve youth mental health and was recently nominated as a YWCA Hamilton’s Women of Distinction and won the She Moves Youth Outstanding Achievement Award. Winner. She has the opportunity to testify to the House of Common’s Status of Women Committee for her work promoting Women in Non-Traditional Fields.

Janelle created Helping Hands, a social enterprise on a mission to increase youth civic engagement and build skills amongst youth. They have created a platform workshop that matches youth with volunteer organizations using methods that provide youth access to improving valuable employable skills, provides non-profits with eager volunteers and reduce the administrative burden for educations. They host workshops to motivate disadvantaged youth and build their capacity to engage in the community.