Milton Calderon is pursuing a B.A. (Honours) in International Development and Economics at McGill University as a Loran Scholar, Canada’s largest undergraduate scholarship based on service, character, and leadership. Originally from Guatemala, Milton has been making the most of opportunities available to him in Canada and is determined to use them to improve other people’s quality of life. Focused on sustainability, food security, youth empowerment, and innovation, Milton’s drive to create change led him to co-found MealCare. Milton has been recognized at the regional and national level for his dedication to improving the state of communities around the world. Milton also has professional experience in social entrepreneurship in Kenya and in the financial sector in Canada.

MealCare aims to make Montreal’s food system more efficient by diverting surplus food from food retailers such as cafeterias and grocery stores, and delivering it to community organizations, such as homeless shelters. MealCare is designed for local food retailers who are beneficiaries as well as customers, as they reduce their food waste through data collected by MealCare, saving them money in the long term. MealCare benefits food insecure community members, community organizations, like homeless shelters, as well as the student volunteers involved, as they are empowered to impact their local community. MealCare currently runs at zero cost and is scalable to other communities across Canada.