British Council Canada convened a panel discussion at the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) conference in Ottawa in November 2014.  The panel provided an analysis of the different models of Transnational Education (TNE), explored the main current developments and provided a framework for assessing stakeholder impact. The panel looked at the opportunities and risks, challenges, and markets facing education institutions that operate beyond their original borders.

Tim Gore OBE, CEO of the University of London Institute in Paris, presented an analysis of different models of TNE delivery, including the Validation Model, the Franchise Model, and the Supported model.  

Dr Christopher Hill, the Director of Research Training and Academic Development at the University of Nottingham’s Malaysia Campus, presented a case study of the University of Nottingham’s TNE activities.  He shared the Malaysia Campus’ experience of growth, tracking progress from the days when Dr. Hill was the only staff member to the present day, when the campus is a world renowned centre for crop research.

Doug Wotherspoon, the Vice-President of International and Strategic Priorities at Algonquin College, presented a case study on establishing a branch campus in Al Naseem, Kuwait.  The new branch is offering English and Academic Foundation courses in 2015-16 and will launch programmes in Advanced Technology and Business in 2016-17.

Finally, Kevin van Cauter, the British Council’s Higher Education Advisor presented the results of the British Council’s TNE research on stakeholder perspectives, the impact on host countries and in-demand student trends.

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