Mentored by EyeCheck Solutions

Rumina is a second year student at Cardiff University studying Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.  She sees herself working to help civilians in developing nations that are in desperate need of refuge. She has recently submitted a research proposal that aims to explore the reporting of Syria's Civil War. In researching into the topic, along with voluntary experiences at Red Cross Charity shop and visiting villages in third world nations has greatly strengthened her ambitions to make a real difference in improving people's quality of life and she seeks fulfilment in contributing towards strengthening our communities. 

Rumina’s placement at EyeCheck is the perfect next step in fulfilling her goals. This particular social enterprise strives to make technology better for those who still need prescriptions as they aim to provide low cost vision care to millions of people who are currently underserved by care in their region.  She is assigned the role of marketing and communications intern, and would also be assisting with efforts around measuring the direct social impact of their product and business line activities.

Research Question

What are the short and long term benefits of EyeCheck’s technology in India? 

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