My name is Hien Hang and I am currently an Economics undergraduate at the University of Nottingham. One of my ultimate goals is to make a difference and promote equality ethically within society; this is what I am most passionate about. I love travelling and meeting new people, it has taught me to thrive for self-development and has nurtured my strong ethical principle. I enjoy learning and am involve in many societies such as AIESEC and belly dancing society. In my spare time I love to cook ad read books which are form I use to express my creative side.

Hien’s social venture idea: EVOKE

EVOKE is a social media platform enabling young creatives to pursue their passion by establishing a community stimulating individual growth. It is an outlet to express their art and build network by connecting individuals with similar interests. The social impact is to provide a medium to mastery, a training ground to be utilised as a common of free time. Users are entitled to a personal profile which is used to showcase their work and reflects the quality of their chosen art with no societal stigmas.I hope that EVOKE would be able to help and encourage people to practice their art within a creative environment of equal opportunity.

Hien’s host organisations:

The Genesis Centre

The Genesis Centre aims to spur innovation in Newfoundland and Labrador

The Centre for Social Enterprise

The Centre for Social Enterprise is a new University-wide initiative with a mandate to generate knowledge about social entrepreneurship, particularly in the Newfoundland and Labrador context, support teaching and learning and serve as a catalyst to strengthen social enterprises and social entrepreneurship. The Centre for Social Enterprise is a partnership of the Faculty of Business Administration and the School of Social Work. It is a platform to support creative linkages between academic disciplines to nurture innovation in social entrepreneurship.

Choices for Youth

With the right supports, at-risk youth find stability, not another new place to sleep. Young parents find independence, not isolation and uncertainty. Youth caught in the system find healthy transitions to adulthood.

Choices for Youth has served thousands of youth since opening our doors in 1990. We continue striving to reach those we aren't reaching, and serve those we work with more effectively, in concert with the support systems available across Newfoundland and Labrador.

Meet Hien’s mentors:

Angelo has a sound understanding of team collaboration, as well as a passion for delivering results. As a recent convert to innovation, Angelo has recently joined the Genesis Centre, Memorial University's technology and commercialization arm, in fostering innovation by supporting high potential startups and cultivating entrepreneurship. As Manager for Startup Development and Partnerships, Angelo is responsible for cultivating entrepreneurial talent in the local ecosystem, as well as developing early stage ventures in the Genesis Centre. This includes program development for the centre and the overseeing of Genesis Evolution, an eight week intensive program, designed to bring start-ups from the ideation stage to validation. He is formerly of MaRS Discovery District, Canada’s largest Innovation hub, where he was the Associate for Corporate Services.

Nicole Helwig joined the Memorial University of Newfoundland as founding Manager, Centre for Social Enterprise in January 2016. Nicole has an extensive background in non-profits and social enterprise. Born and raised in St. John’s, NL, she returned to the province in 2014 after more than a decade of international work and study. Her experiences include working with social enterprises and NGOs in Southeast Asia, volunteering on the board of a Hungarian foundation and working in the non-profit sector in Canada. Nicole holds a BA from McGill University (Humanistic Studies program) and an MBA from the University of Strathclyde (Malaysia International Centre).