David Morin Illustration

With his self-released debut album, Every Colour, out on Bombay Records, David Morin plays gigs around the world accompanied by a live band. Yet the humble neo-soul singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist still chooses to busk regularly on street corners in his hometown of Vancouver.

After all, that's where this 32-year old, who is of Metis Native American descent, honed his craft––and his social message. Like the man himself, David Morin's music is pure, authentic and from the heart. Self-taught and passionately committed to being a career artist, he's blessed with the ability to turn strangers into fans. That's why he earned his stripes the hard way, busking on Vancouver streets and singing to make a living. This guitar (and loop-pedal) virtuo-so makes a solo performance sound like an entire band.

Considering Morin's joyful tenacity, it's no surprise that a purpose, both social and spiritual, drives everything he does. His grooves might be smooth, yet his lyrics address protest: politics, justice, and thinking outside the box to inspire actual social change. Considering our turbulent social and political climate, his message is particularly relevant. And he practices that which he preaches; this guy cycles around on an electric bike pulling a cart of gear, and busks all day.

While in some ways the culmination of years of preparation, Every Colour (produced by the award-winning Joby Baker) is really a beginning. Not only of a musical career, but also of an independent way of thinking and living that he hopes to share.

Photograph of musician David Morin

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