Robin McNicholas, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Marshmallow Laser Feast, UK

Robin McNicholas, co-founder and creative director at Marshmallow Laser Feast, based in London, recently participated in the second edition of MUTEK_IMG, a forum on current practices in digital creation in Montreal, Quebec. Here he shares his thoughts on his participation in the event:

What was your biggest discovery at MUTEK_IMG?

I was surprised by the level of expertise there was at Mutek_IMG - in particular, I demo'd a Virtual Reality piece to a person who turned out to be a fountain of knowledge on multisensory haptic wearables! I had a fantastic and very detailed conversation with him regarding the industry in Montreal, and despite him being much older than me, we totally geeked out over drone culture.

What excites you at the moment? 

Developing multimedia work for mixed reality settings excites me a great deal. As an artist, there are many new tools emerging that help blur the line between the virtual and the real.

What are some of the advantages of integrating digital technology in an urban environment and how can it improve everyday reality? 

Faster and stronger network connections, more mobile graphics cards, more shared knowledge and festivals such as MUTEK_IMG, which help inspire and inform my future work. Therefore, the more integration of these digital technologies into both urban and rural environments, the better.

What do you think the future hold for us? 

I hope that the more immersive digital experiences of the future bring us closer to nature and help us live more sustainable lives.

Robin McNicholas participated in the VR SALON The Creative Track and did a presentation as part of The Future of Mapping II, during MUTEK_IMG.

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