Tania Hossain

Having lived in South Asia & the Middle East for over a decade, Tania witnessed poverty and marginalization firsthand. From that experience, her hope is to inspire philanthropic spirits in Canadians to see beyond their immediate wants and needs, & be involved with organizations & causes that have positive social impact on a local, national and global level. She has a keen interest in social entrepreneurship & microfinance, and how she can help marginalized women reach gender parity and economic empowerment. Tania has an Honours degree in Human Rights and Law from Carleton University and a post-grad speciality in Fundraising Management for the Non-Profit Sector.  Most recently, Tania has worked with the social tech startup Rumie that leapfrogs education to the most destitute on the economic ladder through an affordable innovative technology called the Rumie Tablets. She was also an Outreach Speaker for Free the Children, where she empowered the public and engaged them in fundraising initiatives for the organization. Furthermore, she was a Youth Leader and Mentor for immigrants and refugees at the Youth Services Bureau in Ottawa where she organized community events that created a support network for newcomers in Canada.  With her unique experience both in the fundraising non-profit field and in sales in the corporate field, she understands the importance of building positive, empowering relationship with people and through it all maintaining integrity. She hopes to use her experiences and skills to further her social enterprise, Think Jackfruit.

Think Jackfruit

Think Jackfruit, unbeknownst to many, grows in abundance in Bangladesh and is highly nutritious in vitamins, minerals, protein and is gluten-free. The unripe jackfruit can be used as a vegetable and as a meat replacement. However, a considerable amount of this fruit gets wasted every year. Think Jackfruit seeks to reduce this food waste by manufacturing and packaging jackfruit as a meat replacement product in Bangladesh and introducing it here as a healthy nutritious food to our Canadian market.

With the support of ACSE organizers and collaboration with like-minded individuals, key agencies and potential investors, Think Jackfruit will be able to fine-tune their business plan and further build the enterprise to address issues on a community and global level. They are confident that the Think Jackfruit business can be one piece to the puzzle in addressing Canada's health problems, our role in climate change and how they can bring a sustainable source of income for working-class Bangladeshi women.