Tara Campbell

Tara Campbell was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Growing up she spent her summers in northern Manitoba with her family, where she fostered a passion for nature and being active outdoors. She competed as a provincial representative for Highland Dancing all across Canada and throughout Scotland. She was a national downhill ski racer and qualified for Canada Winter Games in 2011. Tara continues to be an avid skier.  Tara has travelled on five continents to twenty-two different countries. She has trekked in the Himalayas and summited Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. She has worked for grassroots organizations locally and internationally.   Tara has worked for programs engaging underserved youth in local communities as well as volunteered for various organizations. She is passionate about how to engage others in the movement to make the local and global community more sustainable.


Will food security being a problem that takes place all over the world, even in Winnipeg, Cultivating Roots is the collision of intergenerational learning amongst a diverse cultural background and with the goal of addressing SDG #2: ending hunger.

Plant.Eat.Grow will be a cooperative community garden and urban farm that will employ marginalized youth from inner city Winnipeg. Through gardening, youth will have the opportunity to learn life skills, and be a part of a growing community that puts social values first.  The crops will be sold at farmer’s markets where community members from diverse cultural backgrounds can attend to teach the youth different cuisines and recipes. Giving youth the opportunity to understand and connect with the land while learning job skills in the process will be a space for intergenerational and intercultural learning. Throughout the year, cultivating roots will host cooking classes for members of the public to learn diverse cuisines in a class led predominantly by the youth.  Plant.Eat.Grow hopes to add year round urban farming to the business and employ other vulnerable members of the community such as individuals who may see barriers to employment.