Sound Journeys: Shield to Shore

  • Residency: July 11 – 14
  • Performance at Harbourfront Centre: July 15
  • Halifax - Montreal - Toronto

From the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Halifax, along the St. Lawrence River, all the way to Toronto, follow the journey of Brazilian-born, Québec-city based musician Flavia Nascimento and Luke Jackson, UK folk and roots singer-songwriter. They will be joined on the Shield to Shore train residency by Jenni Welsh, a Halifax-based visual artist who is tasked with documenting this truly spectacular exploration of a portion of the Canadian Shield and Canadian shores.

This celebrated region is rich with cultural affluence and traditional musical forms due to the St. Lawrence River’s role as a major trade route, a primary destination for settlers and the focus of much economic and artistic activity long before Canada achieved nationhood. The festival Shield to Shore showcases the contemporary musical currents along the trajectory of the St. Lawrence River, including unique music, storytelling, and more.

The Maritimes’ strong historical links with the UK and prevalent Celtic heritage will provide a fascinating exploration of sight and sound for Luke Jackson, Flavia Nascimento, and Jenni Welsh, elevated by the complexity of cultures and heritage they each bring and which intertwine aboard the Shield to Shore train.

Joint Performance Information:

  • Saturday, July 15: Flavia Nascimento & Luke Jackson
  • 6:30pm–8:00pm
  • Stage in the Round
  • 235 Queens Quay West, Harbourfront Centre in Toronto
  • Entry: FREE!

Luke Jackson Solo Performance Information:

  • Saturday, July 15: Luke Jackson
  • 4:00pm–4:30pm
  • Boulevard Tent
  • 235 Queens Quay West, Harbourfront Centre in Toronto
  • Entry: FREE!


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