MUTEK_IMG is a forum on current practices in digital creation held in Montreal at the Phi Centre in October 2015. The event brought together visionary international research, innovative technologies, multimedia artistic creators and adventurous production and distribution companies.

We invited British artists and producers to present an overview of the digital creativity in the UK, addressing topics ranging from augmented reality in the performing arts industry to new forms of storytelling and to the impact of digital arts in the public space.

We were pleased to welcome the following speakers:

Hilary O'Shaughnessy, Producer for Watershed/Playable City, Bristol
Ju Row Farr, Artist, Blast Theory, Brighton
Robin McNicholas, Co-founder and Creative director, Marshmallow Laser Feast, London
Simon Wilkinson, Artist, Circa69, London

Visit MUTEK_IMG for more information and stay tuned on the next edition of VR Salon in April 2016.

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